Our methodology is based on Montessori pattern. There is a belief in sensory learning – children learn more by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting and exploring than by just listening.

The materials in the classroom involve sensory experiences and are self-correcting. We have tried our best to maintain a home-line environment so that the child can learn practical life issues.

Benefits of Montessori Method:

  • Focuses in developmental stages
  • Encourage cooperative play
  • Learning in child-centric
  • Children naturally learn self-discipline
  • Classroom environment teaches order
  • Teachers facilitate learning experience
  • Learning method inspires creativity
  • Hands on learning curriculum focused on practical experience.
  1. Aditya School follows the curriculum set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi for classes I – VIII.
  2. English is the primary medium of instruction while Hindi is the second language.

          The Subjects that are taught class-wise are given below:

Classes Subjects taught
I and II English, Hindi, EVS, Mathematics, Marathi (oral), G. K, Computer
III and IV English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Marathi , G.K, Computer
V to VIII English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, III Language, G.K, Computer

Session Day

Students are always knows for greater knowledge and if someone share their skills, knowledge, experiences then it’s become a ladder for students to achieve a goals in right directions.Here, we Invited IT Expert Mr. Sanket Ghorpade (Guinness world Record),our Aditya Horizonn conduct a session On Information Technology where  Mr. Sanket Ghorpade share their excellence knowledge to  the students, we hope this IT session will makes our students more tactical experts.

Poster Making

Students  intelligence, excellence makes them more unique in their own way & If it’s about their task then they set on their track, our students were participated in poster making competition where our students got few themes and according on that students shows their creativities.